‘A Lot Of It Is Fake’: Max Verstappen Slams Netflix’s F1 Documentary

Max Verstappen has revealed that he isn’t a fan of Netflix’s Drive To Survive documentary series.

Netflix is currently filming the third season of its Drive To Survive documentary series – and, as there’s been plenty of drama this year, season three looks set to be a great watch.

The American on-demand content giant was first given behind-the-scenes access to the Formula One grid in 2018 after they reached a deal with Liberty Media.

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And, while the show has proved effective at boosting Formula One’s profile and attracting new fans, it has often been criticised by F1 purists for overdramatising events and taking things out of context to help it build a compelling narrative and storyline.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has revealed that he isn’t a fan of the Drive To Survive documentary series and slammed it for being sensationalistic.

“I didn’t like that at all. Because a lot of it is fake,” Verstappen said.

Explaining what he means, he added: “I know what I talked about with my engineers.

“Some of the things I said in Australia or in Austria, they used it for another grand prix to make it more exciting.

“That’s not okay. That’s just sensationalism,” he added.

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In the same interview, the Dutch ace was also asked if Formula One is meeting his expectations and if he thinks people on the outside have a distorted view.

He said that before entering the sport he thought Formula One was a big world, but once he joined the grid he realised “it’s a small world” and “everyone knows everyone.”

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