8 Top Sports Games You Can Play On Crypto Betting Sites 

The sports betting industry has joined the selected group that has experienced the full-blown effect of cryptocurrencies’ success. Now you can find numerous cryptocurrency advertisements on various sports teams. Even players are interested in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other popular coins. Everybody wants a piece of the cake; the sports betting industry currently has the most considerable portion. 

In the online gambling industry, crypto sports betting sites have taken the attention away from other wagering means. Sports betting and cryptocurrencies are a perfect combination that has led to many profit opportunities for gamblers. However, not everyone has been able to grasp or comprehend their operations fully. Nevertheless, this article will introduce you to cryptocurrency betting sites and provide eight sports games you can play on Bitcoin betting sites

The Introduction of Cryptocurrencies to Online Sports Betting 

There was no holding back the success of crypto; its growth was exponentially fast. It became very obvious to many experienced punters that the future was crypto. So, the smart ones slowly started acquiring coins like Bitcoin, mainly for their gambling operations. As soon as cryptocurrencies hit global dominance, crypto sports betting sites started popping up. 

Since cryptocurrencies joined the online gambling/betting industry, it has been nothing short but profitable for bettors. With Bitcoin sports betting sites being a relatively new form of betting, they’ve been able to incorporate new features into their platform. Therefore, gamblers can have a better gaming experience on Bitcoin betting sites. 

Choosing a Crypto Sports Betting Site

Newbie bettors have nothing to be worried about when it comes to selecting a Bitcoin sports betting site. They are relatively easy to access because they do not require numerous personal information to create an account. The only cause for concern is finding the right one that offers all the top features of a quality Bitcoin betting site. 

The first step in selecting a Bitcoin sports betting site is owning any cryptocurrency. You have options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Tether as the most popular options. Therefore, you can acquire these coins through a cryptocurrency exchange platform or a P2P exchange.

Licensing and reviews are the two most crucial criteria in choosing a Bitcoin sports betting site. The license is essential for determining if the site is legit and regulated. A regulated platform ensures fair games; all customers get fair treatment. Reading reviews are a means to know what other bettors think about the platform. It is the best way to determine if the sports bookie is good quality.

8 Top Sports You Can Play on Crypto Betting Sites

The Bitcoin sports betting industry is so saturated that you can get lost in the thousands of options. For this reason, many bettors stick to the popular options only. As a result, we’ve provided a list of 8 of the best sports games available on Bitcoin betting sites. 

1. Soccer

The sport with the most extensive fan base for a long time has been soccer. Everything about this sport is done massively, from competitions to player transfers and betting. Soccer has the most extensive section on crypto betting sites, with numerous events happening in real-time. Therefore, they are the perfect sport for gamblers who love playing live games. 

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It has numerous competitions and leagues cutting across different nations. Gamblers can wager on the many top soccer events on cryptocurrency betting platforms. Competitions like the EPL, Champions League, and Europa League, are all part of the betting options.

2. Basketball 

With Basketball, bettors experience non-stop action, with players running around the court, shooting hoops, and blocking shots. It is a very intensive sport, with non-stop action and crazy slam dunks. Like soccer, it has numerous club and national teams, with yearly cad competitions. 

The NBA is the most popular competition for bettors, and a vast majority of their time goes to placing bets on the various NBA games. Apart from the NBA, there are competitions like the WNBA, Euroleague, and the World Cup. 

3. Tennis

Tennis provides non-stop matches for Bitcoin bettors, giving them better chances of making profits. Bettors can bet on individual tournaments, doubles tournaments, or mixed doubles. There is an extensive number of bet options. Furthermore, bettors can monitor their favorite or top-ranked players and stake their matches. 

Major tournaments like the Wimbledon, US Open, Rolland Garros, and the Australian Open exist. In addition, players also participate in smaller tournaments throughout the year, as it is crucial for their point rankings. 

4. Ice Hockey

You can bet on ice hockey clubs and international tournaments on crypto sports betting sites. Ice hockey is common in Canada and the United States. The biggest ice hockey club competition is the NHL. It is the final stop for fans of hockey sports betting. Furthermore, it is a contact sport, making it all the more thrilling to watch and bet on. 

5. American Football

It is predominant in the United States, with the National Football League(NFL) being the biggest tournament. Staking on NFL games is very easy on crypto betting sites. The Super Bowl is the tournament’s grand showdown and is the perfect opportunity for bettors to use their various coins. 

6. Formula 1

This exciting event is the most prominent auto racing tournament, and it draws in thousands of fans and bettors every race week. Betting on Formula 1 is very thrilling because it is very unpredictable. A race weekend comprises practice, qualification, and the primary race on Sunday. Numerous betting options exist for a Formula 1 race event, with lucrative odds attached. Bettors can choose the race winner or driver with the fastest lap

7. Boxing

Boxing is the biggest combat sport you can stake on in a Bitcoin betting site. There are different weight divisions, with bouts occasionally arranged between the various fighters. The heavyweight division fights attract a lot of interest from Bitcoin gamblers. They tend to stake heavily on these fights, hoping for a big payday. 

8. Esports 

Esports have garnered the attention of many gamblers in the past few years. Initially seen as a recreational activity, esports has now become a regular betting market on Bitcoin betting sites.