70,000 euro F1 ticket fraudster arrested

A man has been arrested for selling 70,000 euros worth of fake F1 tickets to unsuspecting fans.

As many as thirty people have come forward to report a potential fraudster for selling them fake tickets to Formula 1 events all around the globe.

An investigation has begun into a Dutch man who has been allegedly trying to scam F1 fans for tickets to the Dutch GP, Spanish GP and the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

The man is suspected to have used multiple different methods to deceive fans, with some claiming they received counterfeit tickets, while others claim they were delivered no tickets at all.

The suspect was released from pre-trial detention; however, he remains a suspect in the case after being arrested last Thursday.

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With around 70,000 euros alleged to have been scammed, the authorities are working hard to find and charge the culprit and assist the victims.

The counterfeit market for F1 tickets has skyrocketed over the past few years with the demand for tickets increasing at a phenomenal rate.

Many believe this to be the impact of Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ series following the sport, with millions of news fans clambering to get tickets to their first ever race, after falling in love with the sport after watching the series.

Some fans may see the chance to buy tickets online for cheap as a risk worth taking, with the availability of tickets pricing a large section of fans out of the market.

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Silverstone recently apologised to fans after their ‘dynamic pricing’ system, introduced this year, backfired.

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The system was supposed to alter the price of tickets based on the demand and location around the track, however with millions interested in attending, the prices were seen shooting up and out of control as often as every 90 seconds.

Whilst it is always recommended to buy tickets from a trusted seller, such as the venue themselves, the rise in F1 popularity has seen the reseller market boom, with such scammers taking full advantage.

Anyone who believes there have been a victim of this online scam can either contact the victims’ support desk at the police or Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam.