4 Reasons to Wait for Formula 1 in 2023: Main Changes and the Most Anticipated Events

This racing event is one of the most anticipated among residents of multiple countries, and every year, participants please fans with something truly innovative. Innovative cars that are becoming more technologically advanced, experienced talented drivers, and even more abrupt tracks give the audience a great performance and a lot of positive emotions. No other dispute can provide so much adrenaline!

Of course, passionate racing fans will not miss this championship under any circumstances. Formula 1 has been held since 1950, and for over 70 years, viewers are waiting for it with bated breath. We bet you don’t need the reasons to follow the event in 2023, but let’s see what are the main things to consider in F1 this year.

Ferrari & Mercedes Are About to Show Insane Successes Again

Previous seasons couldn’t be considered triumphant for both teams, but they aim to change it in the nearest future. Ferrari was beginning as a leader but was eventually beaten by Red Bull. However, the brand has changed the team and updated the car, so fans are looking forward to a more impressive performance in 2023. Ferrari has lately announced that the ex-boss of Alpha Romeo is joining their team and will do everything to push it to the leading positions this year.

The same concerns Mercedes – its previous car was quite disappointing and didn’t bring any loud victories. Moreover, last season was the first one for Lewis Hamilton without significant wins, so the racer will definitely work hard to strengthen his skills and show his talent again. The updated cars can become great assistants in achieving triumph!

Welcome to the New Track: Las Vegas Will Host F1 in 2023

The capital of casinos will offer something completely new to the public since F1 will be held there, the first time since 1982. And the event promises to be spectacular! The excitement has already begun, although the competition will take place as early as November. Drivers and fans alike are looking forward to it, as it is impossible to predict what will be the speeds on the tracks and the final results of the race.

Of course, not only Formula 1 fans are happy, but also gambling enthusiasts. After all, those who come to the event will also be able to try their luck in slots and table games. The majestic Vegas gambling establishments are legendary, and there is hardly anyone who has not dreamed of feeling like James Bond in the Casino Royale movie. It’s a great way to combine great emotions from witnessing F1 live and some risks in top gaming houses.

However, do not be discouraged if you do not have the opportunity to come to the capital of gambling, because absolutely the same emotions can be obtained on the web. Online gambling is gaining more and more popularity in multiple countries since players can now get the best casino experience without the need to leave home.

Some worry about the safety of online gaming platforms, but this is not a problem since many operators hold appropriate licenses, proving their reliability. For instance, if you check Mr Bet legit, you’ll see that it’s a fair and secure place to gamble and place bets. It’s in no way inferior to Vegas establishments and can offer even more benefits for players. In line with some impressive content, you can visit the betting section and make your prediction about the upcoming F1 races – maybe you’ll guess who becomes the next champion. 

Max Verstappen Will Try to Win the Third Title in a Row

The Red Bull team showed impressive performance during the last seasons, but will it be able to keep winning in 2023? In a nutshell, they have everything to consolidate their successes, including talented pilots, skilful engineers, and a powerful technical base. However, they shouldn’t underestimate their opponents, as the main competitors, Ferrari and Mercedes, are also set to win. The competition will be really hot!

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Max Verstappen is the relevant F1 World Champion, but will he be able to keep his title? The racer still didn’t get a victory in еру British Grand Prix, which seems to be his main aspiration for 2023. Since his main opponent, Lewis Hamilton, is from the UK, Verstappen seems to be really inspired by the opportunity of beating his main rival in his motherland. It’s the competition we really deserve, so keep your eyes open!


The New Battle in the Middle Group

This competition will definitely be bright! Last month, Aston Martin presented its improved car that is yet to show fantastic results. The team can now boast the famous Fernando Alonso: the legendary driver joined the team in 2022 and is ready to become the winner again. He is feeling positive about the following season, stating that huge victories are still ahead. However, he isn’t hoping to get first place in 2023 since the new model needs improvements. In any case, fans are waiting for an impressive contest between Aston Martin, Alpine, and McLaren!