2023 US GP: Max Verstappen fumes at race engineer

Max Verstappen and his race engineer have clashed several times over the radio this season.

Max Verstappen had to work extremely hard for victory on Sunday at the United States Grand Prix, with him having become hugely frustrated with race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase.

The three-time World Champion started the race from sixth after exceeding track limits on his best lap in Q3 on Friday, giving him some overtaking to do.

A strong start saw the Dutchman overtake George Russell at the opening corner, before he very quickly settled into the race.

Verstappen was simply looking after his tyres whilst carefully picking off the drivers ahead of him, with both Ferrari drivers having put up little fight.

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The Red Bull driver was up to third in no time at all, before he was called into the pits to complete an undercut on early race leader Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton.

Norris’ advantage over Verstappen was slightly too big for an undercut to be performed; however, the 26-year-old still gained significant time.

He overtook the McLaren driver into Turn 12 on Lap 28, to claim what was the lead of the race as Hamilton had entered the pits a few laps before.

When Verstappen hit the front, most expected him to clear off into the distance but this wasn’t the case.

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Norris continued to push Verstappen until he started to fall away from the Dutch driver and fell into the clutches of Hamilton.

The order remained the same after the second round of pit-stops were made, with Verstappen having still been in the lead.

However, Verstappen and Red Bull seemed to start panicking, as proven by the 50-time race winner’s shouting over the radio.

It became clear that Verstappen was nursing a brake problem, although it was Lambiase talking to him whilst he was braking which fuelled his anger.

“Please! No talking under braking!” shouted Verstappen over the radio to Lambiase.

Verstappen’s frustration with Lambiase only heightened as Hamilton started to close him down in the final few laps, after overtaking Norris for second.

Lambiase then seemingly spoke to Verstappen again whilst he was braking, resulting in another fiery response from the driver.

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“No talking! I’m braking,” Verstappen shouted once again.

Verstappen just about maintained in the lead to claim his 15th win of the season, matching his record for the most victories in a single campaign.

He also congratulated his race engineer during his cooldown lap for a good performance, despite the pair having bumped heads not for the first time this season.