2023 Canada GP fans branded ‘heroes’

A record-breaking crowd of 345,000 brave souls battled a rain storm to support drivers at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Flavio Briatore, the former Formula 1 team boss, has expressed admiration for the spectators of the Canadian Grand Prix, dubbing them “heroes” for their unwavering support throughout a rainy weekend.

The Montreal race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve witnessed an astounding attendance of 345,000 fans, marking a record-breaking number for the event. 

Despite the challenging weather conditions, the devoted audience witnessed Max Verstappen’s triumphant sixth victory of the season, which also marked Red Bull’s 100th win in the team’s history.

Briatore provided race commentary for Il Riformista and credited the electrifying atmosphere to the enthusiastic crowd. 

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Reflecting on the audience, he stated: “The outline of the race was animated by a large crowd. 

“To all the spectators who go to the grand prizes, especially those who participate all weekend, we should recognise that they are heroes.”

The inclement weather posed a significant challenge, with heavy rain engulfing the circuit. 

However, the unwavering determination of the spectators stood out as they endured the downpour. 

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Briatore commended their dedication, saying: “They resisted under the Canadian flood; it’s not like it was drizzling—hurricanes came down.

“And staying there for seven to eight hours in the pouring rain, in the cold, without a place to shelter from the weather is truly commendable. 

“So the Formula 1 fans are good; they are truly unique.”

The endurance and passion displayed by the Canadian Grand Prix spectators underscored their unwavering commitment to the sport. 

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Despite the adverse conditions, the record-breaking attendance highlighted their enthusiasm for witnessing high-speed thrills and iconic moments in Formula 1.

The collective experience of witnessing Verstappen’s victory and witnessing Red Bull’s milestone achievement was elevated by the fans’ resilience. 

Their steadfast support brought the race to life and added an unparalleled atmosphere to the event.