19 F1 drivers close to receiving penalties

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have each started from the back once this season.

19 of the 20 drivers are on the cusp of receiving a 10-place engine penalty in the latter part of the season, while Lance Stroll is at risk of taking a five-place grid penalty.

Where parts used to be put onto cars at will and money used to be spent by big teams like it was nobody’s business, there is more control over that now.

It is very similar to the scrutineering checks in parc ferme after qualifying and the race in that the FIA check that everything the teams are doing is legal.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have each started from the back once this season.

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The governing body measured the expenditure of the teams against the $145 million budget that everyone is working on; this was raised from $140 million due to concerns about inflation.

But it is not just spending that the FIA have cracked down on; additional parts used on the cars are also monitored to prevent vital resources being used.

It is both a measure to look after the environment, and to ensure that all 10 teams are working on a level playing field.

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A certain number of each specific engine component are allowed to be used, and there are generally either two or three items of each permitted throughout the season – the exception being that eight exhausts are permitted

After a driver moves onto their first additional part, they are given a 10-place grid penalty, and for every additional part after that, they will be put pace five places from their qualifying position.

For example, three internal combustion engines (ICE) are allowed per season, so if a driver moves to a fourth one, they will take a 10-place penalty.

When they go to the fifth one though, they will only incur a five-place grid drop for the race.

It could also be that drivers take multiple new parts at once that go over the limit, and this will lead to multiple penalties being handed out.

A penalty that goes beyond 15 places will mandate the driver to start to start the race from the back of the grid.

Max Verstappen is on his third MGH-H, ICE and turbocharger, while title rival Charles Leclerc has used two energy stores and eight exhausts, so he stands a chance of starting at least one more race from the back of the grid.