10 richest Formula 1 drivers and the numbers they drive with

It is no secret that Formula 1 drivers are richly rewarded for their skills. As a matter of fact, they are some of the richest professionals in the world. But, there may be some tidbits of information that you are unaware of concerning this wonders of the track, that we would like to share with you in this article.

First, there is the matter of the numbers on the cars they drive. Formula 1 is a multi-million sport, yet the numbers they select to drive with are very much a part of the driver’s “lucky numbers.” Until 2014 the way the numbers were chosen could be compared to a lottery of sorts. From the beginning of the 2014 season, F1 drivers each selected a permanent number to go on their F1 cars, which would remain for the balance of their racing careers. Before that, the numbers were issued by the FIA. The only number which was reserved was (and is) the number one, saved for the championship winner who can use the number (if they want to) in the following season.

Drivers have some interesting stories behind why they choose the numbers they pick. Most of them have to do with some lucky event from their past or the number of an idol. Fans of Formula 1 drivers often use the numbers of their favorite Formula 1 drivers to select the numbers they will use when they play the lottery.

This is a major decision when you consider, that you can win £1 billion playing Mega Millions. Below, we will show you the richest Formula 1 drivers of 2022 as well as the numbers they drive with.

You can see for yourself how special this is.

Highest paid Formula 1 Drivers, 2022

VerstappenRed Bull352028
VettelAston Martin152022 +
RicciardoMcLaren152023 +
SainzFerrari102022 +
BottasAlfa Romeo102025
StrollAston Martin10Open
PerezRed Bull82022

Top three stories behind the winners

Lewis Hamilton

Currently, seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton is the highest-paid driver in F1 with an estimated salary of $40 million a year.

With bonuses, the Briton’s annual earnings could rise up to 50 million. Lewis Hamilton drives under the number 44. When he was a child, his dad bought him a very old go-kart from the classified ads that had several previous owners.

When he entered his first go-kart race, it had to have a number. Hamilton noticed his father’s tags had the number 44, so they used that number and have stayed with it ever since. It has brought him a lot of luck.

To date, Hamilton has won seven world championships and has held the pole position more than any other driver in F1 history.

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Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is the 24-year-old, Belgian-Dutch Formula 1 driver and the 2021 World Champion. He currently earns 35 million with a contract that runs through 2028. Verstappen claims his lucky number is number 3. However, the number was taken when he joined Formula 1, so he doubled it and chose number 33 for his car. He began racing at the tender age of 17. He has entered Grand Prix 144 times and 61 Podiums. He has won the Formula 1 World Championship once.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is a Spanish racing driver who has won the Formula 1 World Championship twice. His current contract expires in 2022 and pays a healthy 20 million. Alonso has a very impressive career. Alonso uses the number 14 for his car. He is allowed to use the number 1 in his number which is reserved for championship winners. He explained his choice as follows:  “I will use 14,” Alonso told reporead about hererters in Madrid. “It has been my lucky number since 1996, when, while I was 14, on Juread about herely 14 and with kart number 14 I won the world championship. “Since then I have always used 14. Hopefully it will be lucky next year.”


As you can see, there is a lot of money in the Formula 1 racing. The drivers and the companies that sponsor them make fortunes throughout their occupations. The numbers they choose to drive under mean a great deal to them.

While some may call it superstition, a lot of thought is put into the numbers and the numbers are carried with them throughout the lives of their careers. Just as the drivers respect their numbers, so do their fans. Anywhere a “lucky number” is needed, you can bet they will be remembered and counted upon.

Most would assume, if it is good enough for a Formula 1 World Champion, it is good enough for those of us who follow them as well.