10 of the Richest Poker Players in the World

If you are someone who suddenly found this passion in online poker and wants some real data about this world, then keep reading. If you think success is too far-fetched when it comes to an online poker master, then you should be hearing the success stories of these poker players, who have managed to make millions out of sheer luck, and being master bluff masters.

If you want to learn more about famous poker players and understand how they are leading the game, here are some of the richest poker players to learn from.

1. Dan Bilzerian

So, you have played a few hands online and won well for your standard, but do you think you could win 10 million USD on a single night? Well, Dan Bilzerian has done it, and currently, he stands at a 150 million USD networth with all his high stake games.

2. Chris Ferguson

Want to learn the good and the bad side of the poker industry and how it affects the player? Then Chris Ferguson is a story you should follow. He has six World Series of Poker and has seen the realistic ups and downs of a poker player. This is what helped them become the prince of poker.

3. Daniel Negreanu

This poker champion made his way to Vegas at the age of 21 and then challenged some of the greatest poker players. Soon he started playing professionally, and now he is worth 50 million USD and one of the pioneer poker players.

4. Patrik Antonious

A poker player with a charm! When you play poker, skill and luck should be a part of the package. However, when you have a confident and exceptional personality, it is always a leg up. He is an online poker player who is known as the ‘trendiest’ poker player with a net worth of 30 million USD. 

5. Jennifer Tilly

An actress, a voice actor, and a poker player. Can you find this combination in any other poker player? Only a multi-talented woman! Jennifer Tilly has a net worth of $25 million USD, plus a shiny World Series of Poker Ladies Event bracelet to show off. Although she is a retired player, there is still so much to learn from her skills.

6. Gus Hansen

With a net worth of 11 million USD, he is someone whom you have surely heard about if you have been keeping up with the world. He is the first poker player to win the World Poker Tour Open Tournament three different times. A true hat trick! He has many accolades and titles to live up to the Bad Boys Of Poker name.

7. Vannessa Rouso

She is one of the queens of poker, and the list is incomplete without her. She is also a television personality, and if you are a fan of music, you should know that she is a DJ as well. She has received many endorsement deals, including a multimillion-dollar from PokerStar, one of the well-known online poker domains. She is currently standing at a $6 million USD net worth.

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8. Jason Mercier

A Supernova Elite of the poker world and he received this title in 2007, shortly after he made his appearance in the professional poker world in 2007 itself. Along with this, he is also titled the best poker player in the world by ESPN. Along with the skills, he is also taking poker titles, and the list would be incomplete without mentioning him. As of now, his net worth stands at $8 million USD.

9. Liv Boeree

If we are talking about titles, this lady here holds both the titles of European Poker Tour champion in 2010 and World Series of Poker Champion. The only female poker player who has won two of these titles. At the age of 36 only, she is currently standing at $4 million USD net worth, and in a live tournament, she won more than 3 million USD in one sitting.

10. Tom Dwan

This poker star here, at just the age of 32, has been challenging regular and few of the top-notch poker players. This trendy player is lovingly known as Durrr by most of his fans. What you will learn from him is that he is someone who doesn’t mind losing millions because that is where you will learn to turn the tables.

Get Set Learning!

So, now you know that you do not have to give up on your dreams. If these richest poker players were able to monetize their skills and turn into some of the richest poker players in the world, so can you.

Yes, it is far-fetched, but it depends on the commitment you are willing to put in, and you can always learn from the best.