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Piero Ferrari makes Michael Schumacher revelation

Piero Ferrari, the son of Ferrari’s legendary founder, Enzo Ferrari, has unveiled a lesser-known aspect of Michael Schumacher’s unwavering dedication to the Scuderia.  Schumacher, a seven-time world champion and a Ferrari icon, not only achieved historic success with the team but also displayed an unparalleled level of commitment, even to the extent of sleeping in


Ferrari’s vice chairman wants to sign Max Verstappen

Ferrari vice chairman Piero Ferrari believes Charles Leclerc can be “equal” to reigning World Champion Max Verstappen, with the Dutchman’s experience currently being the difference between them. Leclerc and Verstappen battled throughout the first half of last season, with it having looked for a while like the pair would duel for the 2022 Drivers’ Championship.


Ferrari vice chairman reveals why Adrian Newey rejected them

Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey has been linked to several teams over the years, with Mercedes being the most recent. With Newey having designed so many title-winning cars throughout his career, it’s easy to see why the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari have previously tried to poach him; however, ever since he made

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Ferrari Vice-Chairman Criticises F1 For Keeping Technology ‘Secret’

Piero Ferrari, vice-chairman of the Italian supercar brand which shares his surname, has slammed Formula One for spending hundreds of millions of dollars on developing technology, only to keep it secret. In a Sunday interview, Ferrari questioned the point of developing this technology if it is seldom applied off the track. READ: Ferrari Wary Of