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Aston Martin safety and medical car

Aston Martin & Mercedes Unveil 2021 Safety & Medical Cars

Aston Martin has unveiled its Safety and Medical cars which will be used this upcoming season as the British car brand shares the honours with Mercedes. This coincides with Aston Martin returning to F1 this year for the first time in over six decades following Racing Point’s rebrand. READ: Chinese Engine Company Set To Return

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 2021 Christimas list -

Ferrari On Red Bull’s Naughty List For Firing Sebastian Vettel?

Red Bull Racing have included Ferrari on their naughty list in a tweet posted on Christmas Eve. The tweeted image shows Santa Clause reading his “nice” and “naughty” lists in some sort of Red Bull facility, and it includes Ferrari on the “naughty” side. READ: Max Verstappen Not Yet On Lewis Hamilton’s Level – Ex-F1