First F1 Commission Meeting of 2023: Most Important News

The Formula 1 commission had its first meeting of the year on 21 February in London before the start of the new season. Chaired by F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and new FIA Single-Seater Director Nikolas Tombazis, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss and approve some minor rule changes and tweaks to some of the tracks before the teams and drivers depart for Bahrain.

Besides track alterations, the meeting also had important discussion points and decisions. You might want to pay someone to write my essay to have more time to learn about them.

A New Weather Tyre Has Been Introduced

After successful testing, Pirelli (with the support of the F1 teams) has created a rain tire that works far better and doesn’t need any tire casings. The tire will debut this season at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

In addition, a technical guideline is being created to enable F1 teams to conduct similar tests on their cars outside the restrictions and expense limits of aerodynamic testing. The track tests will be done in the second or third quarter of 2023.

Circuit Changes

For the upcoming season, the FIA confirmed a number of track improvements and modifications:

  • Saudi Arabia: Significant adjustments are being made to improve corner entry visibility.
  • Azerbaijan: The whole route will be renovated.
  • Miami: The route will be redeveloped.
  • Qatar: Construction of a new paddock infrastructure and pit structure is underway.

Furthermore, the FIA ​​examined the DRS zones for 2022 and made some adjustments for 2023. These alterations will make overtaking easier or more difficult on some tracks deemed not challenging enough. Google help me write my essay to have more time and see which ones have changed. The FIA will make these modifications in Miami, Baku, Bahrain, Melbourne, and Jeddah.

Deduction Of Points For Shortened Races


Last year, one of the biggest controversies in F1 was Max Verstappen’s championship-winning race in Japan. Officials had to stop the race because of wet weather, and even when they resumed, it only ran for a short period. Due to the new system introduced in the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, many spectators and competitors thought the event would give fewer points. However, the FIA didn’t follow the system and gave full points.

This was brought up in the meeting, and the F1 Commission has an amendment to the “wording to guarantee that shorter races have decreased points even if they don’t finish with a suspended race.”

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Overall, the minor rule alterations and track tweaks proposed in the meeting will make Formula 1 more interesting. Let’s hope the World Motor Sport Council will agree to these changes.